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Apartments in the house No. 22 in Vozdvizhenskaya street

Commercial property is available in this house Parking or garages is available in this house

The building in Art Nuevo style is located in the historic heart of Kiev in close proximity to Andreyevskiy Slope is refined and elegant, but at the same time, business and authoritative. Beautiful view from the window and variety of layouts can satisfy the most exacting customers.


22 Vozdvizhenskaya street - apartment No. 12Total area: 146,1 m²
22 Vozdvizhenskaya street - apartment No. 13Total area: 152 m²

Description of the apartment:

There is a spacious and bright sitting room with views of Kozhemiatskaya street. There is a spacious kitchen-dining room for family dinners. The guest and private zones can be divided thanks to good layout.

Area of apartment No. 1 2: 146.1 m², fourth floor.

Description of the apartment:

A spacious and bright sitting room with views of the Square of Arts and historical part of Kiev is a prime focus of the apartment. The apartment can be divided into private and guest zones.

Area of apartment No. 13: 152 m², fourth floor.


  • Plaster, screed, copper wiring are provided for the premises
  • Each apartment has individual heating system allowing you to regulate temperature and water heating due to double-circuit boiler of Viessmann
  • Ceiling height – 3,30m
  • The depth of the outer walls is 0,85m, the temperature in the house is preserved for a long time
  • Protected area near the house, video surveillance
  • Private maintenance service
  • Neighborhood security service
  • Concierge / Security room is additionally provided in the house
  • Four apartments is available in front door premises
  • House has its own sunny courtyard
  • Silent Sсhindler elevators are installed in this house
Floor plan
House location on the map of neighborhood
22 Vozdvizhenskaya Street
↑ Andreyevskiy Slope
← Nizhniy Val Street
← Verkhniy Val Street
Vozdvizhenskaya Street
Gonchrnaya Street
Kozhemiatskaya Street