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The Grand Opening of Tofycatspace was held on 15th day of August in Kozhemiatskaya street. Cats and art is a mix, which can eliminate any stress!

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Many Kiev cat owners waited for opening of this peculiar café in Vozdvizhenka with bated breath. There will be comfortable for people, who are interested in art and cats.

Tofycatspace is the first space in Kiev, where the cats will run the show. Such places are very popular in Japan and Europe.

The space is divided into a small cafe and a large room for cats. You should remove your shoes and wash your hands before come into the room for cats. In café space, you can drink a cup of coffee, tea or lemonade and eat slice of cheesecake or pie.

In addition, an exhibition of art works of Nastya Sirenko “Moonlight of Your Body” (transliteration: "Mіsyachne Syayvo Tvogo Tіla") was opened here for your pleasure.

Vozdvizhenka is a luxury residential neighborhood situated in the historical part of Kiev, between Andreyevskiy Slope and Verkhniy Val Street. The construction of the building complex began in 2002. Styles typical for the buildings of the XIX th century, namely Baroque, Ukrainian Baroque, Art Nouveau with Gothic variations, French Romanticism are prevailed in the architecture of Vozdvizhenka’s houses. Completion of the first stage of construction in Vozdvizhenskaya, Goncharnaya, Kozhemiatskaya streets is scheduled for September 2012.
Developer — M. P. Zagorodniy Kievgorstroy-1 Group JSC.
Investor of the construction - DCH Investment Management.

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