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Were you a long ago in a library?

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We hurry to report that on Vozdvizhenskoy, 9-19, bOtaN was already opened is the special place in Kiev, where it is possible with a benefit and pleasure to read books.

Actually to open a commercial library in Kiev – an idea is bold, but not new, but well forgotten old. Kiev always differed plenty of bibliophiles and, as a result, booksellers. Only for the second half of XIX age three requiring payment libraries were one by one opened in Kiev.

First from them was a «pharmacy for the soul» of the retired captain Dolzhikov, which on Podol organized a reading-room from private collection of books. Dolzhikov took from visitors’ large money – one and a half roubles in a month! He reduced this price only for those, who with care applied with books, and known an intolerance to the idle tramps. Once he did not even acknowledge and drove out taking shelter from a rain Gogol from a library. How did it go out? Dolzhikov was very nervous, because waited the visit of Gogol...

So actually the library of bOtaN continues Kievan pre-revolution tradition of book reading. Only to drive we nobody going. Hide from a rain, settle down more conveniently, welcome!

Vozdvizhenka is a luxury residential neighborhood situated in the historical part of Kiev, between Andreyevskiy Slope and Verkhniy Val Street. The construction of the building complex began in 2002. Styles typical for the buildings of the XIX th century, namely Baroque, Ukrainian Baroque, Art Nouveau with Gothic variations, French Romanticism are prevailed in the architecture of Vozdvizhenka’s houses. Completion of the first stage of construction in Vozdvizhenskaya, Goncharnaya, Kozhemiatskaya streets is scheduled for September 2012.
Developer — M. P. Zagorodniy Kievgorstroy-1 Group JSC.
Investor of the construction - DCH Investment Management.

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