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News of Vozdvizhenka

2016 is the organic paradise in Podol
In March, the showroom was opened in Vozdvizhenka, where it is planned to collect the largest range of organic products in Ukraine.


Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
Vozdvizhenka wishes you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Via del Corso 88 - Nook of Tuscany in Vozdvizhenka
Autumn in Vozdvizhenka is very eventful. At this time, we are pleased to invite you to Tuscany.

A sound mind in a sound body
A sound mind in a sound body. Well, Vozdvizhenka has all conditions for the sound body. Because, the sporthub EBSH was recently opened in 38 Vozdvizhenskaya Street. So, now we are in complete harmony.

Not a day without a handicraft...
This is a motto of the Green Button Handicraft Studio, which was recently opened in 20G Kozhemiatskaya Street. This is not just a simple tailor shop or clothing store – this is a creative spirit, great enthusiasm, and favorite brainchild of its creators.

Contemporary art and high perfumery in one bottle
A perfume gallery of parfum büro was opened in Kiev on September 19, where it was presented a new fragrance, Remarkable People by Etat Libre d'Orange, the French perfume house, which name translates as "the Orange Free State"

The Grand Opening of Tofycatspace was held on 15th day of August in Kozhemiatskaya street. Cats and art is a mix, which can eliminate any stress!
Many Kiev cat owners waited for opening of this peculiar café in Vozdvizhenka with bated breath. There will be comfortable for people, who are interested in art and cats.

Summer special offer from the residential building complex «Vozdvizhenka»
Interest-free instalment plan for purchase of apartments and offices up to 11 months. For purchase of mansions, we offer an interest-free instalment plan up to 24 months.

Were you a long ago in a library?
We hurry to report that on Vozdvizhenskoy, 9-19, bOtaN was already opened is the special place in Kiev, where it is possible with a benefit and pleasure to read books.

Opening of Hello Glasses and Archive store on Vozdvizhenka
Old friends on a new place! On nearest Thursday, on May, 21, in 19.00, on Vozdvizhenskaya str. 9-19, come!

With the May holidays!
Vozdvizhenka congratulates you on the comings May holidays!

Congratulations on Palm Sunday!
Microdistrict Vozdvizhenka wishes you a Happy Palm Sunday!

Congratulations with the 8th of March!
Dear women, Vozdvizhenka heartily congratulates you on the coming Spring Festival!

Offices for rent in the Business Center in 45-49 Vozdvizhenskaya Street
DCH Group offers office space for rent in the Business Center located in 45-49 Vozdvizhenskaya street.


Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
Vozdvizhenka wishes happy holidays to all residents, tenants and their families.

Celebration of St. Nicholas Day in Vozdvizhenka
Vozdvizhenka is pleased to invite again all residents and visitors, as well as your family to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of celebration of St. Nicholas Day!

Underground parking spaces for rent
Parking spaces for rent in 22, 14, and 45-49 Vozdvizhenskaya Street

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