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Apartments in the house No. 16B in Kozhemiatskaya Street

The four-storey building is designed in Ukrainian Baroque style. The house is located in the quietest and greenest area of the residential building complex and nearby you can find the surface parking and promenade alley.


16B Kozhemiatskaya Street - apartment No. 5Total area: 81,8 m²

Description of the apartment:

1. Total area — 81,8 m²
2. Two sided oriented three-bedroom apartment, third floor
3. View from the window at Kozhemiatskaya a street and green hill
4. Apartment can be re-designed
5. Large windows, bright
6. There is an elevator
7. There are 6 apartments in the house

You can choose apartments on the third and fourth floors of the four-storey building. There is a quiet place. A surface parking is located nearby. It is a compact three-bedroom apartment. Kitchen-dining room is connected with the sitting room.