SALES and RENT - tel. 067 629 9797, 050 339 9797. Vozdvizhenskaya 48, Arts square

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Three-bedroom apartments

Available five apartments
The building in Art Nuevo style is located in the historic heart of Kiev, in the center of Vozdvizhenka neighborhood on the Square of Arts, it is both aesthetically beautiful and functional. Beautiful view from the windows and variety of layouts can satisfy the most exacting customers.

Available one apartment
It is the most peculiar house in Kozhemiatskaya Street. Bicolor house with tracery balconies and turrets, as if it was created for dreamers.

Available two apartments
The four-storey building is designed in Ukrainian Baroque style. The house is located in the quietest and greenest area of the residential building complex and nearby you can find the surface parking and promenade alley.