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Residential building complex recreates a piece of old Kiev, the design of which takes into account the unique landscape features of the ancient tract. Although, it locates in the heart of the capital city, nevertheless, it creates an atmosphere of intimacy and protectability. This advantage of the luxury dwelling is difficult to overestimate. Every house, every facade is a work of art, which in details reproduces the architectural style of the end of the century before last: mostly Baroque and "Kiev" Art Nuevo with Gothic variations. Even the fashionable shops, cafes, galleries, which are located at the first floors of the houses, are designed to transmit the spirit of the old Podol.

View of Vozdvizhenskaya Street from gastroRock, the gastronomic pub
View of Vozdvizhenskaya Street from gastroRock, the gastronomic pub

All the houses of Vozdvizhenka are built under the exclusive designs; you can hardly find two identical houses. Buildings consist of not more than five floors and include only up to ten apartments. All the houses are built of modern materials to create a reliable thermal and acoustic insulation in every room. This combination of time-proved materials and modern inventions of world building science allow these buildings to stand for centuries.

All the buildings in Vozdvizhenka are notable not only for beautiful memorable architectural design, but also for comfortable and spacious layout, high ceilings at least 3.3 m. Each house has its own adjoining territory; each apartment is equipped with autonomous heating system.

All houses and apartments in Vozdvizhenka comply with the standards and requirements of DeLuxe class real estate development in full. Neighborhood infrastructure is ideally suited and designed. Some restaurants, hotels, banks, travel agencies, wine boutique, dental clinic are already opened for you in the territory of Vozdvizhenka. Each house has a guest car parking, as well as children's playgrounds. Square of Arts is located in the very center of the neighborhood in Vozdvizhenskaya street, the new European Square with fountains and green area is planned for this district.

Area of Vozdvizhenka neighborhood takes 17 hectares Built-up area of the complex is 7.65 hectares

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