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History of Vozdvizhenka

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Turning left, the outermost end of the street joins Andreyevskiy Slope and Goncharnaya, Kozhemiatskaya, Degtiarnaya Streets and Lanes are twisted nearby – it is the ancient heart of Kiev-Podol artisans. The Old-Kiev Mountains with steeply slopes, slide-rocks of yellow clay and white sands, with desert thorn thickets, squeaking of swifts and chirring of grasshoppers rise over these street-tracts.
M.A. Bulgakov about Vozdvizhenka

The old tract of Gonchary-Kozhemiaky is now called Vozdvizhenka. People lived in this cozy area protected by Podol hills since olden times. Podol was the liveliest place in the times of Kievan Rus’, when the prince’s castle with fortifications located on the Starokievskaya mountain. There was a port and big market, and settlements of artisans, potters and tar distillers were located in the tract of Gonchary-Kozhemiaky, which shops were existed here by the beginning of the XIX-th century. Then Kiev was famous for products of its artisans, namely the beautiful pottery decorated with ancient patterns, skillful jewelry that still amaze with its beauty, reliable locks, which seemingly could lock up the city, and many other things.

Corner of Vozdvizhenskaya and Goncharnaya Streets, where now the house No. 48 is located
Corner of Vozdvizhenskaya and Goncharnaya Streets, where now the house No. 48 is located

When the time of artisans, handicraft workers and ordinary potters have passed, a new prosperous merchant district was built here, which was inhabited with families of the rich Kievers, for whom the reliable two- and three-storey mansions were erected. In 1748, the dwellers of the district at own expense have built a wooden church, which was burned down in 1811 during the great fire. At the same place and in the same year, the new stone Church of Vozdvizheniya Kresta Gospodnia (Exaltation of the Holy Cross Church) was laid, from which Vozdvizhenskaya Street and Vozdvizhenka neighborhood takes their names. According to the legend, an orthodox relic is placed in the altar of the church, a piece of the Holy Cross. The Master, Mikhail Bulgakov, was baptized in this church in 1891. As well, he was born nearby in the house No. 10 in Vozdvizhenskaya Street. This district is known for Gregoriy Svetlitskiy, the first Ukrainian folk artist, because he lived and worked here. Now, the memorial house-museum is located in Degtiarnaya Street, where you can see works of the famous artist. He also painted the Krestvozdvizhenskaya Church (Exaltation of the Holy Cross Church).

In Soviet times, the Government wanted to destroy Vozdvizhenka neighborhood, but it survived and some houses have stood up to the present day, although people were forced to leave it back in the 70-ies of the last century. Now, Vozdvizhenka began a new life after major restoration.

After all, the story of this amazing ancient tract must go on…

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