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About Vozdvizhenka

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A luxury residential Vozdvizhenka neighborhood is located in the very heart of the historic Kiev at intersection of Kozhemiatskaya, Degtiarnaya, Goncharnaya, Vozdvizhenskaya Streets.

View of Vozdvizhenskaya Street from the house No. 21-23
View of Vozdvizhenskaya Street from the house No. 21-23

The building complex includes the luxury and commercial properties.

Luxury building complex can satisfy any demands of the most exacting customers, because it includes apartments (one- and two-level), separately situated mansions, as well as retail and office zones. The unique advantage of Vozdvizhenka neighborhood is its prime location.

When you purchase a mansion in the territory of Vozdvizhenka neighborhood, you become an owner of the luxury real estate and at the same time a family property in the central part of the city, which has its own centuries-old history.

Apartments available for sale in Vozdvizhenka are equipped with all necessary conveniences and technical advantages of the luxury real estate and some of them have panoramic view of cultural and spiritual heritage of the past centuries such as Andreyevskaya, Vozdvizhenskaya, Desiatinnaya churches and St. Michael’s Cathedral.

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