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Apartments in the house No. 9-19 in Vozdvizhenskaya street

It is the longest and amazing by its diversity house in Vozdvizhenka residential neighborhood. The uniqueness lies in the fact that the building is erected in two styles — neo-classicism and romanticism, they are totally complement each other combining sophisticated silhouettes, richness of forms and consistency of planning.


9-19 Vozdvizhenskaya street - apartment No. 11 - first levelTotal area – 74,2 m²
9-19 Vozdvizhenskaya street - apartment No. 11 - second levelTotal area – 68,9 m²

Description of the apartment:

The apartment has a spacious sitting room combined with kitchen-dining room. Bedrooms are on the second level of the apartment, and the comfortable dressing rooms and bathrooms are planned for this apartment.
It is possible to design a study room (cabinet) or guest room.


  • Plaster, screed, copper wiring are provided for the premises
  • Each apartment has individual heating system allowing you to regulate temperature and water heating due to double-circuit boiler of Viessmann
  • Ceiling height& - 3m
  • The depth of the outer walls is 0,85m, the temperature in the house is preserved for a long time
  • Protected area near the house, video surveillance
  • Private maintenance service
  • Neighborhood security service
  • Concierge / Security room is additionally provided in the house
  • Four apartments is available in front door premises
  • The house has its own sunny courtyard
Floor plan
House location on the map of neighborhood
9-19 Vozdvizhenskaya Street
↑ Andreyevskiy Slope
← Nizhniy Val Street
← Verkhniy Val Street
Vozdvizhenskaya Street
Gonchrnaya Street
Kozhemiatskaya Street
Degtiarnaya Street