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Mansard in Vozdvizhenka
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Mansard in Vozdvizhenka

Apartments, in which the spirit of creativity and freedom begins its high flight from view through the window

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Many artists and poets loved Mansards for the special atmosphere of privacy and comfort, which encouraged creativity, unlimited flight of thought.

The extended usable area under the roof has been always considered not only a useful place of the house, but very attractive and romantic.
Mansard is a stylish, comfortable and convenient space allowing even in the center of the city to be alone with the nature, enjoy the sunrises and sunsets, starry skies and clouds.
Mansard is a new level of your solutions, it is embodiment of space and lightness, it is a fresh look at the style and space for new ideas.
The French grant to the world the love of wine, cheese and women, as well as learn to live in mansards in a grand style and with chic.
Inventor of mansards is a French architect, Francois Mansart, who worked on projects of castles and luxury chateau in the days of Louis XIV. It was he who suggested to place the dwelling space for servants and guests directly under the roof. Louis XIV - the Sun King worrying about the integrity of the historic part of Paris forbade overbuilding and rebuilding houses. Therefore, what for will be attics empty if they can be adapted for dwelling?
Thus, the mansards appeared for the first time. Initially, the artists and writers- beginners lived here, who chose the center of Paris. They praised the mansard creating a bohemian glory for it.

The mansard has no dull, strict geometric or cubic space of modern living. The mansard creates a feeling of closeness to the sky and nature.
The two-level mansard in Vozdvizhenka allows you to feel extraordinary atmosphere praised by many poets, artists, writers...

Vozdvizhenka offers its customers 6 two-level and 8 one-level mansards at special prices:
Areas of two-level mansard in Vozdvizhenka from 143 to 216 m²
Areas of one-level mansard in Vozdvizhenka from 67,5 to 156 m²

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