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Apartments in the house No. 14V in Kozhemiatskaya Street

The most peculiar house is in Kozhemiatskaya Street. Bicolor house with tracery balconies and turrets, as if it was created for dreamers. Comfortable, practical layouts of the apartments can satisfy even the most strict requirements and wishes.


14V Kozhemiatskaya Street - apartment No. 7Total area: 86,4 m²

Description of the apartment:

1. Total area — 86,4 m²
2. Two sided oriented tree-bedroom apartment, fifth floor
3. View from the window at Kozhemiatskaya street (promenade alley) and green hill
4. Apartment can be re-designed
5. Surface parking is located nearby
6. There is an elevator

There is a compact three-bedroom mansard. The apartment can be re-designed. There is a beautiful view from the windows. Mansard slopes add this apartment a special charm.


  • Plaster, screed, copper wiring are provided for the premises.
  • Each apartment has individual heating system allowing you to regulate temperature and water heating due to double-circuit boiler of Viessmann
  • Ceiling height: 3,30m
  • The depth of the outer walls is 0,85m, the temperature in the house is preserved for a long time
  • Protected area near the house, video surveillance
  • Private maintenance service
  • Neighborhood security service