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Apartments in the house No. 12V in Kozhemiatskaya Street

The five-storey building is located in the very beginning of Kozhemiatskaya Street. The facade is made in pastel colors. The great number of balconies, colored moldings above the windows, turrets on the roof suggests prince’s castle. At the same time, the functional, soft layouts of apartments, available elevator and parking are the best features for the modern home.


Description of the apartment:

1. Total area — see below
2. Two sided oriented tree-bedroom apartment
3. View from the window — at the green hills
4. Apartment can be re-designed
5. Large windows, bright
6. Surface parking is located nearby
7. There is an elevator

Total area:
Apartment No. 2: 120.0 m², second floor

You can choose apartments on the second and third floors of the five-storey building. There is an elevator in the house. The apartment has a spacious kitchen - dining room, sitting room, many balconies. Here you can see the lovely view of the historical part of Kiev on one side and the green hills on the other side. The surface parking is located nearby.