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Memo to the Buyer

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Congratulations! You became an owner of exclusive and cozy property in Vozdvizhenka.

For comfortable life, you need Water, Electricity, Gas and of course the Sun.

Your actions:

  1. You should conclude the contract with the Maintenance Service «Zhitlocomfort». They will connect your apartment to water and power supply.
  2. You should invite an inspector from Kievgas for gas connection
  3. When you will put into operation the gas supply system you shall invite the representative of Viessmann for performance of further warranty service of equipment
  4. For the Sun, you can address to us, the sales office. If any difficulties arose, we help to solve the arisen problems
  5. Do not forget to get acquainted with your neighbors! If your time zone is not the same, the contact information you can learn at the Seller of real estate objects.